Sphere Jazz Trio


First formation in Enrique Simón’s Trio, with the Argentine musicians Pablo Fojo and the Uruguayan Nelson De León. The music that emanates from this trio is the result of the mixture of cultures between the people of the River Plate and the Spanish. Enrique spent time in Latin America and brought with him the feel of folklore from a part of South America, immediately incorporating it with his peers and using Jazz as the main ingredient in the mix.


NOTE: This album is only available as a digital download. The physical version is sold out.

Here you can enjoy the sound and textures of a typical Jazz combo formation. The Trio reviews some classic songs from the jazz repertoire and investigates works of South American folklore. The three musicians take great care of the resulting sound as a single organic unit that is born and develops exploring sound paths of strong introspection always based on a great rapport and perfect coupling between the piano, double bass and drums.

Interpretation of Piazzolla’s classic “Libertango” during the Jazz Festival of the city of Torrevieja. Outstanding version with a Funk air, where subtlety gives way to the strength of the groove, reaching high intensity levels.

In this appearance, the Trio had maestro Pablo Mercader on guitar.

Another fabulous interpretation of the classic Alfonsina and the sea. The guitar of maestro Pablo Mercader, with the Spanish guitar, is the exact point where the mixture of influences merge…