Enrique Simón’s first Trio album, together with French musicians Gil Lachenal (double bass) and Alain Richard (drums). Debut album with original songs and two standards from the classic Jazz repertoire. “Blue In Green” (Miles Davis) and Very Early (Bill Evans).

Work of original compositions of contemporary Jazz style in trio format (piano, double bass and drums) published under the Youkali Music label.

After a long and careful process of recording, production and mastering in Spain and France, the pianist Enrique Simón presents “Mayan”, his latest work by him in Trio format. Beauty, tradition and avant-garde in a disc of original compositions in line with the most daring and avant-garde formations and proposals of international contemporary Jazz.

Careful even in its smallest details, “Mayan” offers an open and different musical experience, in which virtuosity, compositional mastery and, above all, pure emotion command, in equal parts. Irregular rhythms and intoxicating melodies. Classical Music and Avant-garde Jazz, without forgetting the eternal jazz tradition.

A radically his own and personal universe that Enrique Simón imagines and shapes with his delicate, evocative, masterful piano phrases full of essence. That rises and sits on the powerful rhythm of Alain Richard’s Drums and the inexhaustible sound textures of Gil Lachenal’s Double Bass, exceptional musicians who complete the Trio, leaving their indelible mark on the atmosphere of the album and the worlds it contains….