Latest release by Enrique Simón’s European quartet. “Lucentum” has 9 original compositions of Contemporary European Jazz style.

Second album of the project created by the Spanish pianist Enrique Simón and the Belgian guitarist Filip Verneert. His first album “Meeting Patricia” reaped notable successes in the European market, touring Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, France, Germany, Spain and Belgium.

On this occasion, a new work of original works that reflect the exciting world proposed by this European quartet comes to light. Within a contemporary Jazz aesthetic, the songs take shape in irregular metrics and powerful harmonies, always at the service of magnetic melodic lines that catch the listener from the first moment.

The Quartet, co-led by Enrique and Filip, is completed by the excellent Gil Lachenal (France) on double bass and Pedro Vázquez (Spain) on drums, who together create a truly exciting musical world. The cover already invites the listener to be carried away by a journey of Mediterranean, sandy colors and a strong temperament.

Without a doubt, an excellent piece of work that should be part of any contemporary European Jazz collection.


CD, LP (Limited Ed. Vinyl)