Marta Llenas Jazz

In March 2018 we had the great honor of participating in the Rojales Jazz Festival, called "Music without borders".

This time it came from the hand of the prestigious Marta Llenas. Her voice fills each theater in a way that only those who have heard her in concert know what I am talking about. The repertoire we chose was carefully selected, and for this the format would be a Quintet.

With the formidable Patxi Valverde on tenor sax, Pablo Fojo on double bass and Pedro Vázquez on drums, the result was to be a success. We managed to put the entire theater on its feet at the end of the show.

As we were fortunate to record it, now you can enjoy that moment again. I leave you with almost 2 hours of concert. Get comfortable and comfortable, turn up the volume and enjoy!

Remember that this video (in full version) is not publicly available on YouTube. Only people with exclusive access like you can view it. Also, it will be available for a limited time only.

Festival FORMENJAZZ 2022

In May 2022 the quintet returned to the Formentera del Segura Festival "Formenjazz".