Filip Verneert & Enrique Simon Quartet

Filip Verneert and Enrique Simon meet in 2015 in Spain and decide to start a project as a Duet, which is immediately a success every concert they perform. A year later they publish their first album "Meeting Patricia", with original compositions by Filip and Enrique, as well as some Standard and some composition by Filip's wife, Ilse Duyck.

During these years they carry out one or two Tours a year, through different European countries, such as Germany, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Spain and Belgium. Among their many performances, we highlight the duo's participation in the International Jazz Festival in Ghent (Belgium).

Over time, and the need to perform on larger stages, the duo progressively played in quartet (incorporating drums and double bass) more often. Frequently in northern European performances, Frederik Van den Berghe would be found on drums and Jean Van Lint on double bass, both Belgians. Meanwhile, in the south, there was the battery Pedro Vázquez, a native of Cieza in Spain.

It is during a tour in Belgium, that Jean could not perform the concerts, and Gil Lachenal (France) joins the quartet. Gil was a good friend of Enrique, since his participation in the album "Mayan" that they had recorded together on Enrique's own album.

From this moment the quartet begins to configure its current line-up. It will be in February 2020, when the quartet closes itself in the Room 13 studio in Ghent to record "Lucentum". Until now, Pedro and Frederik had alternated their position on the drums, but once the album was recorded, Pedro became the official drummer.

The album Lucentum has been presented at the Ghent Festival in September 2020 with remarkable success. In addition a special limited edition on Vinyl has been published.

Would you like to know the stories behind the band? Anecdotes and other fun adventures you can see in the following video

Alps Jazz Festival

Last March 2022 we were invited to participate in a unique festival due to its location. At more than 2000 meters of altitude, in the French Alps. We had a full house and an audience that welcomed us very warmly.

Recording of the Emiel Verneert album

During the month of April we returned to France but this time to enter the Swim Again Studios. The young trumpeter Emiel Verneert, son of Filip Verneert, debuts at only 19 years old with his first Jazz album with original songs written by himself.