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Enrique Simón interpreting to Trio his personal version of the Bill Evans classic, Very Early.

This recording made in streaming for the Think Live studios, shows the sensitivity and the meticulous development carried out by Enrique, Pedro and Antonio through the always elusive harmony of this precious Standard.

Enrique has developed from the beginning a personal way of dealing with the Piano Solo technique, but it has been with his formations in Trio and Quartet that he has deployed all of his creative energy.

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European Jazz Quartet

Jazz Trio

Contemporary Jazz Duo

Piano Solo

This video was recorded during the presentation of the album "Lucentum" in the Belgian studio "Room 13" with a guest audience for the occasion.

This album by Enrique Simón's European quartet has received excellent reviews and has led them to release a special limited version on Vinyl.

This recording shows the magnificent connection between the musicians and how it is transmitted to the public in the studio. The faces and expressions of the lucky attendees reflect the musical sensations that flooded the room.

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After some concerts in Brazil, Enrique adapted this Brazilian classic to his Jazz Quintet, this time with the Catalan singer Marta Llenas.

This video was recorded during the Rojales "Música sin fronteras" Festival, together with the saxophonist Patxi Valverde residing in Switzerland, the Argentine Pablo Fojo on double bass and the drums of Cieza Pedro Vázquez.

Do not miss how it develops and reaches its climax literally making your hair stand on end.


We had heard from other sources how good this band was and they did not dissapoint. Outstanding!...
Kevin Dorrian
(Drummer and co-founder of Wighams Jazz Club)
It was an excellent performance and I heard nothing but praise and apprecitation for the music - never guaranteed with unknown material...
Martin Waugh
(Listener and musician in the audicence)
Enrique Simón makes the Palacio de la Música vibrate to the rhythm of Jazz...
Objetivo Torrevieja
(Torrevieja cultural magazine)

Enrique with his Trio "Sphere Jazz". When they recorded this version of "Libertango" by maestro Astor Piazzolla, they couldn't imagine the repercussion it would have.

A unique performance, with a superb Groove Funky perfectly executed by Uruguayan drummer Nelson Deleon.

The piece takes place in a kind of trance that takes you to unexpected places.

Let the music takes you anywhere you can imagine