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Enrique Simón performing on solo piano his personal version of the Bill Evans classic, Very Early.

This studio recording shows the sensitivity and meticulous development made by Enrique through the always elusive harmony of this precious Standard.

Enrique has developed from the beginning a personal way of dealing with the Piano Solo technique. However, it has been with his formations in Trio and Quartet where he has deployed all of his creative energy.

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European Jazz Quartet

Jazz Trio

Contemporary Jazz Duo

Piano Solo


We had heard from other sources how good this band was and they did not dissapoint. Outstanding!...
Kevin Dorrian
(Drummer and co-founder of Wighams Jazz Club)
It was an excellent performance and I heard nothing but praise and apprecitation for the music - never guaranteed with unknown material...
Martin Waugh
(Listener and musician in the audicence)
Enrique Simón hace vibrar el Palacio de la Música a ritmo de Jazz...
Objetivo Torrevieja
(Revista cultural de noticias en Torrevieja)

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